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Remembrance Day
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Alton, Fred  |  Atkins, Tom  |  Banks, John
Berger, John  |  Bishop, Leonard  |  Black, Bruce
Bolton, Ronald  |  Branston, Kenneth  |  Campbell, Edward (Alex)
Campbell, Hazel  |  Clarke, John  |  Clegg, Howard
Coburn, Margaret  |  Coles, Bernard  |  Cook, Wilma
Crossley, Carl  |  Davis, Bruce  |  Davis, George
Dowswell, Tom  |  Duclos, Gustave  |  Duclos, Laurette
Duggan, Clarence 'Mike'  |  Dunbar, Norman  |  Eveson, Mark
Findlay, Don  |  Gelleny, Joe  |  Glass, Pete
Glassford, Audrey  |  Glassford, Bernard  |  Graham, Walter
Green, Norm  |  Harrison, Charles  |  Heacock, Earl
Humphrey, Dorothy  |  Humphrey, Stephen  |  Hunter, Ralph
Huycke, Raymond  |  Iverson, Erling  |  Jay, Ernest
Kirk, Nicholas  |  Koski, Tauno  |  Lompart, John
Lowden, James  |  Manson, John  |  MacNamara, Jim
Marshall, Aubrey  |  Martin, Maxwell McCreedy  |  Martin, Robert
McCabe, Edward  |  McCutcheon, Robert  |  McPhee, Jim
McKeigan, Augustine  |  McKinnon, Ian  |  Mossop, Ed
Mueller, Chris  |  Mueller, Tara  |  Nickle, Russell
Northcott, William  |  Norton, Barry  |  Norton, Howard
Ogden, Bob  |  Oldfield, Fred  |  Ormsby, Chuck
Pengelly, Les P.  |  Perry, Bill  |  Perry, John
Poulis, William  |  Rawlings, Russell  |  Ross, Ernest
Rumble, Robert  |  Scott, Jim  |  Sillcox, Bob
Simpson, Russell  |  Smith, Edward  |  Smith, Frank
Sommerville, Russell  |  Talwin, Bernard  |  Thompson, Bruce
Thomson, Eleanor  |  Urquhart, Spencer  |  Uttley, Art
Walker, Gordon  |  Watson, Robert  |  Weedon, Horace Edwin
Wellesley, Earl  |  Wiggins, Sid  |  Young, Frank
Honour Rolls

Black, Bruce

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